Early Childhood Screening

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Screening is free, it’s easy and it’s good for your child!

All students ages 3-5 are required by the state of Minnesota to have an early childhood screening. Screening is also required for participation in preschool and when entering kindergarten. We recommend that children be screened at age 3.

About the Screening

  • It takes less than an hour.
  • This developmental checkup is provided free of charge by our staff of trained professionals.
  • Screenings are age-based, so it is not necessary to wait until your child is 5 to make an appointment.
  • Your child will be checked in four areas: social-emotional, motor skills, concepts and communication skills. This is not an IQ test.
  • Most children enjoy the activities and attention they receive during the screening.
  • For the most accurate results, it is best if you are not in the same room as your child. You can be close by and can accompany your child if necessary. Please prepare your child for this before the screening appointment.
  • Following screening, a teacher will talk with you about your child’s results.
  • If possible, please complete the early childhood screening registration form prior to your arrival. (English) (Spanish)

  • Note that we are not able to provide childcare for siblings. Please do not bring siblings to the screening appointment.

Early Childhood Screening Helps You

  • Find out how your child is developing.
  • Connect with early childhood programs and services.
  • Answer your parenting questions.

Three Ways to Schedule Your Child's Screening

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