Get Involved by Joining an Advisory Council!

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Get Involved by Joining an Advisory Council!

Serving on an advisory council is a great way to share your talents and unique perspective. We have a wide variety of opportunities available and would love to have you join us! Attending a meeting does not require a long-term commitment—it is OK to attend once just to check things out. 

Here is a list of our advisory councils. You can find this and more on the Get Involved page of our website. If you want to learn more about serving on one of the committees below, reach out to the contact person listed.

Here’s to a great 2022-23 school year!

Competitive Activities Advisory Committee: This committee reviews and works collaboratively to provide students, families and the Richfield community with great opportunities for learning and participation beyond the classroom in athletics and competitive activities. Athletics and competitive activities include all sports teams, theater, one-act plays, fine art competitions and any other activity governed by the Minnesota State High School League. 

American Indian Parent Advisory Committee: Composed of parents/guardians of American Indian students attending Richfield Public Schools, this group meets every other month and serves in an advisory role for the American Indian Education program and helps ensure that American Indian students are receiving culturally relevant and equitable educational opportunities. This committee is a requirement of both the Federal Office Of Indian Education and the Minnesota Department of Education Office of Indian Education. 

Community Education Advisory Council: This group advises the staff and School Board on matters of planning, growth, development and evaluation of Community Education. The council addresses programs and services for early learning, youth, teens, adults and families. 

District Curriculum Advisory Committee: The District Curriculum Advisory Committee advises and supports the achievement of all students in RPS. We discuss curriculum, instruction, assessment and outcomes, as well as solicit feedback about other relevant work.

District Technology Advisory Committee: This team provides input on our technology budget allocations, instructional technology-supported curriculum and licensing, as well as helping to envision and plan for future technology expenditures.

Fiscal Planning Advisory Committee: The Fiscal Planning Advisory Committee provides advice and counsel to the superintendent in areas of budget and finance-related planning. The reoccurring task each year is to help prepare and review the next year’s fiscal plan, which is the basis for budget development and staffing. 

Fundraising Advisory Council: The Fundraising Advisory Council creates guidelines and processes for any group associated with Richfield Public Schools (booster groups, PTOs, clubs, student groups, etc.) that is going to either fundraise or ask for donations. 

Health, Wellness & Safety Committee: We are committed to the health, safety and wellness of our students and staff. You can engage in this work by joining the Health, Wellness and Safety Committee, which identifies and reviews efforts regarding policies and programs as well as facility and maintenance improvements to ensure a safe workplace and healthy place to learn. 

  • Meetings: This committee meets on the second Thursday of the month starting in October. Details can be found in the Wellness tab on the Get Involved web page.
  • Contact: 

Richfield Latino Family Association: This group’s goal is to improve communication between Latino families and the school district by creating a strong and respectful relationship so we can motivate students together to achieve their dreams of obtaining a college career. 

Safe & Supportive Schools Committee: The work of this group is focused around providing a welcoming, healthy, supportive, safe and caring environment for all students and families. An identified goal of this group is to work together to develop clear communication, policies and practices to empower each individual to learn, grow and excel.

Special Education Advisory Committee: This committee provides input into the decision-making process of the special education department, promotes communication between families, school and community, and advocates for high-quality educational programs for all learners.

Work Experience Advisory Committee: This group advises the district’s work-based learning program, empowering students to create a plan for their future and develop skills to excel as members of society.